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Toasties, no toasties and more

I want to keep this short, promise. But there may be a bit of waffle in there too!

It's a tough time for us all right now. Not being able to see family, the worry of getting the dreaded text from test and trace (I'll come back to that in a moment)! The hospitality sector is quite frankly on its backside and I really fear the worse is yet to come for many well established big and small named businesses. I mean we have already seen the closure of many, many businesses across the board. Being a small business is tough and starting during a global pandemic was always a risk. But so are many things in life. But I honestly love what I do, I love food, I love coffee and I love meeting new people and seeing our customers everyday. But ultimately we have to be a sustainable business. Not a get rich quick or make my millions. As nice as that would be, lets be realistic, the first step is always sustainability. From sourcing our coffee and food ingredients to making sure us as humans are able to manage, grow and develop and make sure we always have the work life balance we want. I mean this was one of the factors in why I changed career. But I found myself working 80 plus hours a week and as much as I love what I do, I love my wife and kids more. It was exhausting and I was becoming unsustainable.

It was a few months back we realised that our current model wasn't working with the toasties. We looked at everything we could have changed, all possibilities, everything that could happen. Balancing between quality and costs, trying new things, taking off things that were not selling. But compromising quality was something I just was not willing to do. I never will, we were to well known for it. We started to receive letters from all our suppliers stating that costs were going up, again. It was just becoming impossible to become sustainable, more so after this! We were busy fools.

So, we looked at everything again and literally had two options. Close up shop or change, try again and put everything we have (again) into it. Now, after loosing one business. I never, ever wanted to be in that position again. I wont, I refuse to. So change it was. And don't get me wrong I did drag my heels, but after speaking with my accountant and consultant it really was the only option.

Now, I'm not new to running businesses and I always knew this would never be easy, I wouldn't want it to be, quite frankly it would bore me if it was! But I just want everyone to understand it was never an easy decision to change your whole business and completely reinvest into the whole thing. This business is everything to us, we have poured everything into it. But sometimes, really, really difficult decisions need to be made. It may not look great on the outside in, we get that. We know that our toasties were becoming world famous. I'm joking. But seriously, if we didn't have to change, we really wouldn't have.

So, Monday just gone I started the refurb, ripped everything out and was putting my tools away to then get the text from test and trace that I must self isolate for two weeks. I get the call to follow up the text and they then said they are able to see when contact happened and said I only need to isolate until Sunday. To be honest, it was expected as frustrating as it is, it's got to be done.

I guess the reason for writing this was just to put a bit of 'meat on the bones' and explain our side. I know we don't have to, but you guys, our customers and potential future customers are what makes it all happen, we know that. We also know we risk loosing many of you, which is really sad. But we really, really hope you understand and we really look forward to getting back with our delicious Pizzas and same great speciality coffee. Much love, stay safe and see you soon

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