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Once upon a time in Nuneaton...

Who else has had the desire to run and own their own business? I've experienced the highs and the very, very lows of what it means to run and own a business. But any business owner or entrepreneur will tell you, it's in your blood. So, I decided after 8 months out from running my own business, it was time to start again. I'm a trained chef and have a great passion for creating amazing food. I also absolutely love coffee, it's benefits and how the flavours differ from country to country.

I had this real desire and energy to open a speciality coffee shop that created the most awesome, tasty toasties making sure every customer has a fantastic experience each and every time. Though we have stuck with the idea of the products we want to create, we have just changed the location, from 4 walls to one with wheels. Great right, it would be really simple right? Wrong! But I always love a challenge and that it has been and a real learning experience. All great fun, honest!

So, where are we at? The 'box' is bought, coffee machine is in, along with all other large equipment (It's amazing how much you can fit in a Horsebox!), menu is done, and yes we will be after tasters, who's in? Anyway, where was I... oh yeh, so basically we are ready to rock and roll. But as we all know, due to the Covid-19, we have all been housebound and told to stay in (Rightly so). So in the meantime, check out our Facebook and Insta pages, just search sweeneyscoffeeyard to keep up to date with all the latest. We will have some great opening offers and we really can't wait to see you all :) In the meantime, here's some photos...

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